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The History

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The History of the FMS Training Center in a Nutshell

The vivid history of the Training Center has been filled with adapting new technologies, tools and methods with a clear goal in mind: to bridge the gap between the industry and education.


The FMS Training Center grand opening was held in 1997 together with the Finnish Ministry of Education. Between the years 1997-2003 the environment boosted the education around the functionalities, benefits and concrete usage of the flexible manufacturing system and robotics. Also a shared calendar was taken in use during these years.


The possibilities for learning virtually begun booming during these years, and FMS Training Center as well saw the adaptation of these new methods and tools as a top priority for the development of the environment. During these years new Wiki learning materials and an eLearning platform were taken into use.


A huge leap forwards was taken during these years. The work that had begun already before the year 2013, now concretized into tools and methods bringing the industry and education even closer together. These actions included the implementation of e.g. the FMS Driving License, offline programming, virtual FMS, machine vision, simulation and the utilization of the digital twin.